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With the warm and floral scent of Vanilla & Rose, our Hand Sanitizer is the perfect quick fix. Our disinfecting blend of essential oils paired with 99% alcohol cut through surface germs while our nourishing oil blend unbelievably revitalizes and moisturizes skin. 4 oz | 236 ml Glass Bottles 70% alcohol content SHAKE BEFORE USE | POUR A DIME SIZE AMOUNT AND RUB VIGOROUSLY INTO HANDS & WRISTS *We do not recommend use of a pump or sprayer - the oils will clog them. This is a very easy solution to pour and the shining star of this product is how absolutely amazing your skin feels after use! Customers can pour into their own spray/pump bottles, but please let them know it may clog. INGREDIENTS: DISTILLED WATER, 99% ALCOHOL, WITCH HAZEL, APRICOT OIL, OLIVE OIL, VANILLA & ROSE ESSENTIAL OILS

Vanilla & Rose natural hand sanitizer


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