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Our Bath & Body Recipe Section

Hi, welcome to our new members area for posting, sharing and collaborating on bath and body products. Share your favorite recipes, ask questions and mingle. Most of all have fun!

We'll be sharing recipes and presenting video demonstrations as well hope you will join in on the fun!

Here's our Lavender Vanilla Soap recipe:

1 lb coconut oil

1 lb 5 oz olive oil

14 oz of palm oil

1 oz almond oil

6 tsp vanilla fragrance

8 tsp lavender essential oil

Lye solution

1 lb 3 oz purified water

7 oz of sodium hydroxide

Post your favorite recipe in the comments of this post or if you'd like to become a guest blogger for DeShawn Marie please email your request to We're really looking forward to having fun in this new part of our site.



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