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Our Charcoal Mint Soap

Our Charcoal Mint soap is 1 yr old! That's right it's been a year since we released this gorgeous seafoam green and charcoal beauty and it's quickly become one of our top sellers. If you're a mint or eucalyptus lover and you haven't tried this creamy deliciousness out it's high time you add this baby to your wish list.

If you're like me and can't get enough of this one you can always save a little money and order it by the loaf. That's always a fun way to stock up on your favorite soap as you can order it unsliced and slice it up into any size or shape you want. Great fun for the kids too!

We're pretty in love with this soap and think you will be too! If it hadn't caught your eye before I hope this post made you take a second look as we're pretty sure it will quickly become top on your soap list.



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Geena Garrison
Geena Garrison
15 mar. 2019

This is my absolute favorite soap in the whole wide world!! It's so creamy and moisturizing and I love the fresh scent, really wakes me up in the morning.


14 mar. 2019

This is so cool! I haven't tried it yet, off to order some now!

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